Our company


JSC "Gronitex" - a modern, equipped with thelatest models of the art textile enterprise. The main activity - production of yarn and sewing thread.

The company is focused on maintaining the status of a stable, modern, reliable supplier satisfying customer needs. To this end, we have implemented a number of investment projects on modernization of production. Established high-tech equipment of the leading European brands: Reiter, Shlafhorst, Savio, Thies, SSM, Zinzer.

Today "Gronitex" occupies a leading position in the production of carded yarn ring and rotor spinning process. It is the only manufacturer in the Republic of cotton sewing thread, reinforced, special technical; combed cotton yarn, reinforced. It has no analogues in the country vysokorastyazhimaya yarn (for the production of tire cord).

Particular attention is paid to developments in the production of blended yarns of binary and ternary mixtures of cotton, linen and polyester and viscose fibers. The technologies used allow the production of these yarns from Nm 12 (84.0 tex) to Nm 100 (10.0 tex).