Sewing threadsThread synthetic

The thread is made from special technical polyester staple fiber. It is characterized by versatility, toughness seam shock loads during shipping, elasticity as well as to abrasion toughness.

Sewing thread produced right and left directions of the final twist in conical bobbins (as agreed with the customeris possible another kind of of winding).

Identification mark (trading number)
Threads structure, tex
Winding length, m
King of packing
Special technical thread
200PS severe 50х4 kg  

Sewing, tying the
packaging container,
tailoring of packaging bags,
industrial products, the
firmware of archival documents

250PS severe 50х5 kg  
200PS severe 50х4 500 cylinder
200PS severe 50х4 1000 cone
250PS severe 50х5 500 cone
250PS severe 50х5 1000 cone

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