Other productsWadding for clothing and furniture

Wadding clothing and furniture is produced according to TU RB 00311987.047-98 with waste from a mixture of cotton, flax and chemical fibers.

Wadding, depending on the destination subdivided into for clothes and furniture. Wool clothing is subdivided into "Lux", "Prima" and "The sewing".

The name of indicators
The norm for the wadding
«Lux»«Prima»«The sewing»
Mass fraction of litter and
not processed accumulations of
fibers,%, no more
2,6 5,0 7,0 10,0
Elasticity,%, not less
67,0 65,0 60,0 54,0
Bulk density, kg / m3, no more
22,0 23,0 25,0 30,0
Normalized by humidity,%
9,4 9,4 9,4 9,4
severe or melange
Mineral oil of pollution
not allowed

Finished wadding packed in bales weighing 50 kg.

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