Cottonized flax fiber

It is an upcoming trend of development of natural fiber raw material base. Cottonized fiber is processed through Temafa equipment. It is manufactured by stretching complex shot flax fibers (what eliminates rough cut fiber endings) and removal of chuff and waste.

The enterprise produces flax fiber of two degrees of cottonization depending on a purpose and a field of application:

The name of indicators 

 Degree cottonizing flax  

 1 quality    2 quality 
L, mm, not shorter than
 60,0  48,0

Chaff and waste weightfraction, %, not more than

 9,0  4,5
Count, tex  2,0  1,6

Field of application:

  • Non-woven fabrics production (1, 2 quality). Cottonized flax fiber is applied in a car-construction industry as an antinoise fabric. It is used as a filter unit, wadding for work clothes; it is as well used for manufacturing upholstery, furniture and floor covering.
  • Medical and technical cotton production (2 quality). Finished cottonized flax fiber is packed into bales weighing 115 (± 5) kg with strapping metal wire.

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